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On the Road (personal)

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Back at the beginning…. I love the trains. I love the noise. I love the city. I’m at the Palmer House Hotel, directly across from my old dorm on State Street. This is where my photography business was meant to begin several years ago. If you read my blog, you know that I started off as a photography student at the Art Institute of Chicago. It’s in the top 10 art schools in the country and I was lucky enough to gain acceptance even after a somewhat rocky high school career. I was off realizing my dream in an art career and photography was my medium. However – being an artist, a dreamer and firm believer in love at first site… I didn’t stay long! I fell in love three weeks before leaving for school so my passion was in another state, not in my work. I left a month later and as they say, the rest is history. Married the guy, had the kids, changed my stars.

Under the city scaffolding, it’s easy to get nostalgic for what would have been. But I’ve had a great life with a happy and healthy family. I am blessed. I have also had opportunities to design for both the web and print, get lost in code and strategize for digital marketing campaigns. Experiences that aren’t afforded to all photographers and come in handy if you want to run a successful business… So maybe I did take the path I was meant for. Maybe I’ve been on the road to Jacqueline Blake Photography all this time and didn’t even realize it. Just maybe, I have set myself up for success.


Officially Official – Jacqueline Blake Photography in Print!

Jacqueline Blake Photography Business Cards

OMG – I am so excited! Today I opened my mailbox and there was little brown package from Vistaprint. There was something about ordering my first box of Jacqueline Blake Photography business cards that made me feel really, truly official. Like I have arrived and I’m ready to play with the big girls. It’s even my design! I was so jazzed to flex some of my graphic design muscles – diving into Adobe PhotoShop sometimes feel meeting an old friend. This business adventure is truly giving a chance do what I love and I’m grateful for all the support I have had from my family, my friends and everyone who has let me in to capture some of their family’s precious moments.

Today is definitively a great day!

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Open for Business – Jacqueline Blake Photography

So here it is… The beginning of Jacqueline Blake Photography. Right now it’s a “low-fi start-up” which means one camera, one backdrop, two lights, a tri-pod and a great deal of heart and high hopes. I have a small studio in my unfinished basement that with any luck, will grow into a polished and professional portrait business.

How did it all start? Before switching my college focus to web design, I was majoring in photography. I was accepted to the Art Institute of Chicago but a few weeks before leaving for school I met a guy who I fell head over heels for. I only lasted a month in Chicago… I had to come home to him. I didn’t have a back-up plan for a photography degree in MN so I quickly decided to go to school for graphic and web design. That guy I fell for asked me to marry him a of couple years later and now we are a happy family of four living in Ham Lake. I’ve had a successful career as a web designer/developer and digital marketer but have always had the art of photography tugging at my heart.

So now it’s time to follow my heart back to the beginning… And start a new adventure!

Wish me luck!