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Ham Lake Photographer | The Jacob Family

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This was a special photo session. Over 22 years ago, Jack was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. He defied the odds until November, 2017, when a large brain tumor was identified. His wife Barb contacted me shortly after for family photos. I was honored to take them and so glad they came to me. Since they came for their session, Jack has undergone chemo and radiation to help shrink the tumor.


The symptoms of Jack’s condition make it important that someone is with him at all times to make sure that he is safe and cared for. In order to meet Jack’s treatment schedule demands, as well as care for him as she said she would in her vows, Barb recently stopped working to be with Jack at all times. As you can imagine, the decision to stop working comes with financial burden. I am part of a group hosting and planning a benefit to help them pay for medical bills and offset the financial burden of Barb not working and, more importantly, to show them how much they are loved and supported.


Our event will be held at St. Maron’s Catholic Church / Cedars Hall [600 University Ave. NE, Minneapolis] on May 20th, 2018 from 4-9 p.m. Download the info flyer or visit the Facebook Event page for more information.
You can also help out by contributing a financial donation in any amount (

Read about Jack’s journey and receive updates regarding his progress and this extraordinary event at
Thank you in advance for your contribution.


White Bear Lake Family Photographer | The Townsends

White Bear Lake portraits, Ham Lake photographer

White Bear Lake outdoor portraits, Ham Lake photography


White Bear Lake family photography, Ham Lake photography

White Bear Lake family photos, Ham Lake photography

I’ve known Jennifer and Troy for several years now. They’re a great couple and you can tell how much they love each other and how close they are with their daughter, Tara. I finally got to meet Tara at their photo session. Tara was born with a heart condition and currently uses an LVAD to keep her heart pumping. She is waiting for a heart transplant and will hopefully get one soon.
I’m glad to have gotten to meet Tara and I had a lot of fun taking the Townsend’s family photos.

If you haven’t, please check the box when renewing your drivers license to become an organ donor. It’s easy and doesn’t cost a thing! To learn more about organ donation, please visit Thank you!


Ramsey Family Photographer | Outdoor Family Portraits

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This fall, I had the opportunity to photograph the Glaser family from Ramsey, MN. Doug had contacted me a few weeks earlier to book the photo session as a surprise birthday present for his wife. How fun! BTW – Awesome idea for you guys out there. I’m giving Doug serious kudos for being so thoughtful!

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These brothers had a lot of fun together and you could tell they are a close knit family. Even by the end of a two hour photography session, they were still cracking jokes and having a great time!

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We had some time to steal Mom & Dad away for a few portraits of just themselves. They really went together… Just like peas and carrots! Thanks guys, for letting me hang with the family for a few hours. Enjoy the rest of your fall together. PS – Happy birthday, Jennifer! I hope you enjoyed your gift!

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