Web Design & Digital Marketing

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Web Designer and Digital Marketer

I have been working as a web designer/developer and digital marketer in the north metro since 2002. My degree is in graphic and web design but my career has given me opportunity to dive into digital marketing. In addition to designing and developing websites, I am available for website analytics and email marketing strategy.

Web Design

I specialize in CMS (Content Management System) sites that allow content to be easily updated by myself or my clients. Although I have experience working with a variety of CMS’s, i create my clients’ sites using WordPress because it is secure, free and provides features that can be added quickly. It is completely customizable so none of my websites look like they were made from a template. All of this translates into worry-free, full-featured websites for my clients without the added expense of paying for a CMS.


Email Marketing

Even in the age of social media, email marketing is still the number one lead generation tool today. I have several years experience in email marketing including strategy, design, coding and analytics. Marketing automation is becoming increasingly important and I can help develop a strategy including welcome, thank-you and transactional emails that will increase leads and revenue. I am also skilled in high-volume email execution used in aggressive marketing campaigns and for businesses that have several brands.


Creating a website or marketing campaign requires a lot of decisions and one of the beat ways to make informed, affective decisions is with analytics. I have several years experience in Adobe SiteCatalyst and and Google Analytics. I believe that analytics are important for both large and small sites so all of my clients’ sites are equipped with Google Analytics. I offer monthly reporting and also training for clients who would like to do the reporting themselves.

Graphic Design

Although my focus has been primarily on web design, I am a trained graphic designer with print experience. I am also skilled in branding and logo design.